Installing on WindowsΒΆ

Installation of media handling libraries and delegates such as ffmpeg can be problematic because it is more difficult to build software from source on Windows. See Compiling_ffmpeg for information how to install ffmpeg for Windows.

The format of the /app/conf/External_Applications.conf file is different in Windows installations. For example, the correct format for the entry describing the ghostscript application is

ghostscript_app = E:/prog/gs/gswin32c.exe

in this case, ghostscript is installed on disk E: in the subdirectory prog/gs. The application is the non-windows version of ghostscript.

The app/helpers/mediaPluginHelpers.php file must also be updated to function properly in Windows. The entry for ghostscript must be changed from

exec($ps_path_to_ghostscript." -v 2> /dev/null", $va_output, $vn_return);


exec($ps_path_to_ghostscript." -v 2> /$null", $va_output, $vn_return);

Similarly, all other media helper functions to detect the other processors you have installed for CA to used must be updated to change /dev/null to /$null.

Other places that have /dev/null include

TilePicParser in applibcoreparsers CoreImage.php in applibcorePluginsMedia ImageMagick.php in applibcorePluginsMedia PDFWand.php in applibcorePluginsMedia

references to /dev/null must be changed to /\$null in order for the plugin to work correctly. This is particularly important if you are using ImageMagic. Both ImageMagick.php and TilePicParser.php must be changed for this process to work.

The external_applications line for ImageMagick might be

imagemagick_path = E:/Prog/ImageMagick

depending on where you have installed ImageMagick. Both the static and dynamic versions of ImageMagick seem to work well.

The ImageMagick process is very slow and libGD is preferred for speed, but it requires much more memory. If you are using it locally where you have control over the memory size, up the memory limit entry of php.ini to

memory_limit = 512M

This will allow must photographs to be handled properly without the tilepic function running out of memory.