Configuration (endpoint name Config)ΒΆ

The configuration service provides access to configuration file settings, as well as configuration for editing user interfaces, displays, metadata elements, relationship types, locales and the data dictionary.

The configurationFile query provides access to any entry in a configuration file. The query requires the full name of the configuration file (including .conf extension) and the names of settings to be fetched in a keys list (single key values may be passed as a string in the key parameter). Return configuration values will be returned as encoded JSON along with type values indicating the structure of each value. ASSOC is used for associative array formatted values; LIST is used for lists of values, and SCALAR is returned for simple string values. A typical query to fetch values from the app.conf configuration file:

query {
      configurationFile (file:"app.conf", keys: ["wysiwyg_editor_toolbar", "ca_loans_disable"]) {
        values {

would return:

        "ok": true,
        "data": {
                "configurationFile": {
                        "file": "app.conf",
                        "values": [
                                        "key": "wysiwyg_editor_toolbar",
                                        "type": "ASSOC",
                                        "value": "{\"formatting\":[\"Bold\",\"Italic\",\"Underline\",\"Strike\",\"-\",\"Subscript\",\"Superscript\",\"Font\",\"FontSize\",\"TextColor\"],\"lists\":[\"-\",\"NumberedList\",\"BulletedList\",\"Outdent\",\"Indent\",\"Blockquote\"],\"links\":[\"Link\",\"Unlink\",\"Anchor\"],\"misc\":[\"SelectAll\",\"Undo\",\"Redo\",\"-\",\"Source\",\"Maximize\",\"Image\",\"CALink\"]}"
                                        "key": "ca_loans_disable",
                                        "type": "SCALAR",
                                        "value": "\"0\""


Access to configuration file values using this GraphQL service requires authentication with an account having the can_access_configuration_files_via_graphql action privilege.